Chartered Accountants in Toronto

SRJ Chartered Accountants provides a number of specialty services to help clients meet their personal and business financial challenges and respond to opportunities. Chartered Accountants in Toronto such as SRJCA shares a purpose and commitment to delivering excellent service. Here is what our firm can offer:

  • Forecasting & Budgeting. Every business needs a detail and thorough analysis of its financial position so that they can attract new financing, determine ongoing business viability, or evaluate a potential acquisition for feasibility. SRJCA provides business forecasting services Toronto so that you can make sound financial decisions.
  • Business Consulting. SRJCA is a qualified business consulting firm in Toronto assisting companies with reviewing cash flow projections and financing alternatives, building strategies for raising capital, remuneration planning, payroll, and other strategic business planning. These services are available in addition to bookkeeping and tax preparation services. Companies that are heavily focused on growing their business can use these services to take their business to the next level.
  • Incorporation. Incorporation is essential for protecting assets and ensuring your business liabilities do not affect your personal finances. There are a number of different corporate entities to consider that could be right for protecting you and your business. SRJCA offers incorporation services in Toronto Ontario to make the process simple and painless.
  • Valuations. We have Chartered Business Valuators (CBV) on-staff that you can trust. Our professionals can provide valuable insights on several business matters including corporate reorganizations, evaluating potential acquisitions or divestitures, updating shareholder agreements, validating insurance coverage,  handling family law issues for the purpose of divorce or succession planning and other business valuation services in Toronto.
  • Estate Planning. Planning for potential estate issues, such as tax liabilities and probate matters is necessary for many clients wanting to ensure an intact legacy for their loved ones. This type of planning is particularly important for those who have long-term goals that include significant increases in net worth, which requires a flexible plan that can grow as your assets grow. For estate planning services in Toronto, SRJCA can offer insights into estate management issues as well as, assist with the management of succession plans to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. These services include a proprietary estate planning, helping clients document their intentions and to keep them accessible and understandable for their heirs, beneficiaries, and loved ones.

These areas each require specialized knowledge and skill in nuanced areas of accounting and business. The professionals at SRJCA have the experience necessary to ensure their clients are well-informed when making important decisions about their businesses and succession planning.

To discuss any of these important issues with a Chartered Accountant Toronto, you can contact us at SRJCA to start evaluating your options and get keen insights into important aspects of your business and personal finances. Learn about tax specialists Toronto and litigation support.