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Litigation Support and Damage Quantification Services

Our litigation support practice can work to help lawyers throughout an engagement, from preparing questions for discovery to providing expert testimony in court as well as, reviewing the opposing expert’s report.

We have extensive experience providing assistance to both plaintiff and defense lawyers in Toronto and have advised at mediation and arbitration.

Our professionals are experienced in a wide variety of cases involving quantifying economic damages in Toronto, including:

Personal injury (motor vehicle, slip and fall)

If we are engaged on the plaintiff side, we will meet with your client to gather information on their education and employment background in order to best estimate their loss of future earnings. Each case has its own nuances and we aim to provide customized loss of earnings calculations, instead of simply applying average statistical data.

We have extensive experience incorporating all facets of a personal injury claim into our calculations, including economic data and vocational and rehabilitation reports.

We also provide future care calculations and reports based on the recommendations of healthcare professionals.

Business Interruption

We have experience calculating loss of profits for a wide variety of industries, including hotels, manufacturers, medical offices, home developers, clothing retailers, and food processing.

Our service will include a visit to the site of the loss and a meeting with each of the relevant individuals involved with the business. Careful analysis of the company’s historical financial performance will be used along with earnings forecast to estimate business losses.

We will also assist our clients with understanding the business interruption insurance policy.

Advisory Litigation Support

Breach of Contract

Depending on the stage of a business relationship, breach of contract will typically result in economic damages to one or more parties.

We have had experience providing expert reports quantifying damages in the publishing industry and for residential developers in Toronto and in the United States. These reports often require extensive research and analysis of economic data in order to project the losses. Our professionals draw on their economic and valuation backgrounds in order to prepare well-organized and detailed estimates of damages.

Wrongful Dismissal

Depending on the stage of a business relationship, breach of contract will typically result in economic damages to one or more parties.

Generally, damage calculations for wrongful dismissal can be quite simple if the employee had a basic compensation package. However, those individuals whose compensation has many components including performance bonuses tied to individual performance and company performance

Product Liability

We have experience quantifying economic damages in many industries, including storage facilities and toy manufacturers.

It is important for business owners and individuals to keep complete and organized records of their earnings and business agreements. This helps facilitate the engagement process and understanding of the elements of the claim.

This can include email and other written communication between parties in a breach of contract claim, business plans and sales forecasts for business interruption claims and complete financial records for self-employed individuals in personal injury claims.

Once our economic damages reports have been prepared, we will spend time reviewing the assumptions made with our clients to ensure a complete understanding of our calculations. Our involvement will continue until a settlement or judgment has been reached. Learn about business valuation services Toronto.


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SRJCA has extensive experience in working with lawyers throughout an engagement. We have assisted from preparing questions to providing expert testimony in court. Please set up a consult with us to see how we can support you with our litigation and damage quantification services.

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