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SR&ED Tax Credit Services in Toronto

Recover your R&D costs this year by filing your SR&ED claim with SRJCA

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  • Obtain tax money to help pay for your R&D costs.
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  • Benefit from zero-risk ROI. We only get paid when you get paid.

SR&ED Overview

The federal government releases $6 billion in credit payments under the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program (SR&ED) every year.

The SR&ED is a tax incentive program offered by the Canadian government to companies that innovate and carry out research and development (R&D) work.

With the SR&ED, businesses and entrepreneurs could receive cash refunds for any qualified scientific and technological R&D work they conduct in the previous 18 months.

You can recover up to 70% in qualifying expenditure through refundable and non-refundable tax credits through the SR&ED. These credits help you lower your R&D costs, making your company’s growth and competitiveness much easier to attain.

In order to benefit from the SR&ED you have to submit a correctly filled claim in your tax return. With over 29,000 other companies asking for these credits, there’s no room for error.

SRJ Chartered Accountants (SRJCA) provide end-to-end tax filing services to businesses seeking the SR&ED credit. By working with SRJCA, you benefit from a comprehensive and convincing SR&ED claim that recovers part of your R&D costs.

Allow the CRA to Pay for Your R&D Costs

Incorrectly completed SR&ED schedules and lack of proper documentation are the two main reasons why many companies can’t recover their R&D spending.

That’s why our accountants and technical experts will treat your SR&ED claim like a cutthroat CRA audit. We’ll find and submit the evidence and file it to 100% accuracy so that there is no excuse to withhold the money you’re owed.

Stop Scrambling to Get Proof

Why stop at recovering your R&D spending to only this year? Why not get paid next year and beyond as well?

We’ll set your company up to easily recover your R&D costs in the future by training your team to track employee time, expenses, and other documentation properly.


Corporate SR&ED

Only Pay When You Get the SR&ED Credit

Our success hinges on our clients’ success. That means that we only get paid when you earn the SR&ED credit. By working with us, you are guaranteed a return-on-investment (ROI).

Designed or developed new software.

Created a new product, built a prototype, or improved an existing design.

Spent money on fixing underlying technical issues in your business.

Done engineering, design, data collection, testing or development work.

Pursued research for academic or industry purposes.

If you have attempted any of the above or more, then you might be eligible to recover part of your R&D costs through the federal government. Schedule a FREE assessment with us to see how much you can recover and get one big step closer to securing your benefit.


SRED Tax Services Toronto

SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants are experienced SR&ED consultants, helping businesses from various industries across Toronto and Mississauga secure funding to cover R&D costs. If you would like to know more, contact one of our SR&ED experts by emailing us at


Our Knowledge Centre has more information about the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED Tax Credit) program and how it could benefit your business. Alternatively, you can contact SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants directly by calling 647-725-2537.

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