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Are you or your business located in Oakville and looking for a Chartered Professional Accountant? At SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants, we have Canadian accountants in Oakville who will help you meet all of your taxation and financial needs.

We are a full-service accounting firm with corporate tax accountants in Oakville that is your one stop solution for bookkeeping, payroll services, corporate taxes, personal taxes as well as GST / HST and incorporation services.



SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants can provide accurate and updated financial records, assisting you in making smart financial decisions for your business. We offer cloud bookkeeping services for small businesses as well as corporations that allow them access to robust technology, modern softwares and benefits from automation. If applied internally they can be financially straining for small businesses, thus it is feasible for them to hire an external accountant in Oakville for this purpose.


Cloud Accounting Services

The accounting world is evolving at lightning speed. Businesses now no longer rely on maintaining physical books but prefer cloud-based accounting which enables efficiency and effectiveness. SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants in Oakville is an innovative and progressive organization that demonstrates a genuine commitment to implementing continuous improvements and stream-lining to cater to our client needs.  We aim to automate the finance and accounting functions of businesses to minimize administration and human error.  We also implement processes to help improve the accuracy of the financial statements and use the latest accounting software packages.


Corporate Taxes

We can help you in lowering the tax burden for your corporation and maximizing your take home income. We work with many of our clients through remote capabilities. As your corporate tax accountant in Oakville we will ensure that your corporate returns are filed by their deadlines.

Our team using the latest technology to ensure minimum time is required by you and your business.  We do everything virtually so you don't have to spend your valuable time travelling.


Personal Taxes

Our Oakville tax accountants at SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants are well-experienced in preparing and filing your personal tax returns. We can file them for you accurately and in a timely manner.


HST & GST Housing Rebate

While buying homes, many home buyers are not aware of the HST and GST housing rebate in Ontario that is available to home buyers for application towards a refund on the GST/HST paid on their homes. It is available for owners who have purchased a home from the builder or built their own homes. Our tax accountants at SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants in Oakville can assist you in preparing and filing these rebate applications.



We can help in simplifying your incorporation process. The incorporation process is set under provincial or federal laws, therefore someone who is well aware of the incorporation laws and regulations of your jurisdiction can help in incorporating your business.

Our Oakville accountants at SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants have years of experience in incorporating clients whether they are foreign corporations expanding into Canada, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, lawyers or real estate professionals.

It does not matter whether you are running a household, a small business or your own practice in Oakville, you always need a professional accountant who can help you maximize your take home income and lower your tax burden. You can always count on us at SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants to help in the smooth functioning of your business. Call us to book a free consultation with one of our accountants, who can answer all your tax and accounting questions. Helping our clients grow through our accounting and tax planning is what we pride ourselves in. We believe that the key to our success lies in our client’s success and prosperity.

Personal Tax Return

Why hire a Chartered Professional Accountant in Oakville?

It doesn’t matter if you are a new business or a company that is already on the path of growth, our bookkeeping services in Oakville can help achieve effective and efficient management of the business as well as ensure long term growth of the business.

Our services provided by our tax and small business accountants in Oakville can help you avoid non-compliance of important rules, focus more on the structure and core operations of your business as well as offer small business tax planning or corporate tax planning services based on your specific needs

Our small business tax accountants in Oakville at SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants can help in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your activities, strengthen accountability and help you set up good accounting and taxation practices in place. We can help start-ups as well as bigger businesses that require an independent accountant in Oakville.



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SRJ Chartered Accountants has two conveniently located offices in the Greater Toronto Area. We are open to meeting clients at either locations, downtown Toronto office or head office in Mississauga. We have developed a team of highly skilled staff who are educated from the most prestigious tax and accounting schools in Canada. If you are looking for accountants or tax professionals specializing in servicing dentists in Toronto then come speak to our professionals at the firm and learn how we can help with all your tax and accounting needs. Learn about accountant for lawyers Toronto.