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Professional Corporation

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A business that provides professional services to the public may be entitled to establish a professional corporation. There are many benefits to incorporating your professional services and our tax specialists at SRJ Chartered Accountants can offer all the services required for your corporation. Professionals that may incorporate their services include:

The complete list can be found “here”  and additional background information can be found on the “Ministry of Finance website” .

The laws regarding incorporation of a professional service corporation can be quite complex. For this reason it is crucial that you consult with our team of expert tax specialists in Toronto before determining the best course of action for you and your business. We will work to advise you with the best solution for timing, setup, structure and maintenance of your corporation.


Our tax specialists in Toronto will handle every step of the process including filing the articles of incorporation, bookkeeping, preparing financial statements and preparing and filing all the necessary tax documents and the corporate income tax return.

We understand that most professionals may not want to use a good chunk of their valuable time and resources on all the accounting, legal and tax issues that arise and that must be considered to run their services and business. Our goal at SRJCA is to handle all these issues so you can focus on what you do best.

Incorporating your services will also allow you to benefit from favourable tax rates for professional corporations in Ontario. By merely incorporating your business you can save thousands of dollars every year by lowering the overall income taxes you pay. An individual with professional earning income in the highest tax bracket pays nearly 50% of their income in taxes. On the other hand, that same money earned inside of your professional corporation is taxed at 15.5%.


Corporate Professional Corporation

Other Tax Benefits

In addition to the tax benefits received by incorporating your services, there is also more flexibility in how you pay yourself. A sole proprietorship gets taxed on earnings right when it is received whereas a professional corporation has the choice to defer taxes by leaving money inside the corporation until it is need it or until it is more beneficial from a tax perspective. Other methods of receiving favourable tax treatment is by employing a family member and paying them regular salary or paying dividends to yourself as a shareholder.

There are many tax saving opportunities available if a professional corporation is properly setup. Consult our team of tax specialists in Toronto to establish a corporation that meets all your needs. We will find the best methods to minimize taxes for you. Learn about self employed tax returns Toronto.

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Professional Corporation Tax Advantages

  • Benefit from favourable tax rates
  • Flexibility in how you pay yourself
  • Employ family members
  • Pay yourself dividends
  • Reduce tax from 50% to 15.5% (personal high tax bracket vs professional corporation tax)

Professional Corporation

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Experts in incorporation SRJCA can guide through the process of turning your business into a professional corporation. We are here to take the daunting task off your hands so you can focus more on running your business. Set up a meeting with SRJCA to help you plan the process.

SRJ Chartered Accountants has two conveniently located offices in the Greater Toronto Area. We are open to meeting clients at either locations, downtown Toronto office or head office in Mississauga. We have developed a team of highly skilled staff who are educated from the most prestigious tax and accounting schools in Canada. If you are looking for accountants or tax professionals specializing in servicing dentists in Toronto then come speak to our professionals at the firm and learn how we can help with all your tax and accounting needs. Learn about accountant for lawyers Toronto.