Tax Services in Ontario

Taxes are ever changing and tax returns in Toronto are dynamic on a year by year basis. Many people find it challenging to file their tax returns in Toronto. Whether it is filing an individual tax return or a corporate tax return, mistakes can be made easily and improper returns can be filed. Improper returns face the risk of being audited and may impose heavy penalties and interest on any amount owing. It can take hours going through records and paperwork to correct any mistakes made and as a result of this it can increase your tax burden. The risk of being audited can also be expensive and time-consuming. There is also great risk in missing out on opportunities to get more back on your refund than you realized you were entitled to.

Fortunately, Toronto tax return services are affordable and assist tax payers in filing proper tax returns. Our specialists, here at SRJ Chartered Accountants Professional Corporation are committed to providing expert knowledge in current tax rules and regulations. We have a team of high calibre tax professionals that are dedicated to helping our clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities relating to any tax matter.

We can help with all of your income tax return needs, large and small business accounting service:

Personal Tax Returns

Have you recently purchased a house? Had a child? Renovated your home for the benefit of a relative with disabilities? Learn about these special circumstances, and others, that can get you a bigger refund. read About personal tax accountant toronto.

Corporate Tax Returns

The field of corporate income taxation is changing rapidly, and it is important to have knowledgeable professionals on your side to assist you in complying with new rules and regulations. Read about corporate tax services toronto

We offer clients assistance with their individual and corporate tax returns from our conveniently located offices in Toronto and Mississauga. We take the time to get to know each and every one of our individual clients so that we can offer custom-tailored advice on strategic tax reductions and innovative tax planning. All of our professionals are Chartered Accountants, and our Tax Partner possesses a Masters in Taxation (MTax) in addition to extensive experience in the field. Our Toronto tax return services are among the best in the area.