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SRJ Chartered Accountants is a CPA firm with offices in the Toronto and Mississauga Metropolitan Area who provide tax services. We are ranked as one of the top accounting...
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SRJ Chartered Accountant is a full service accounting firm that helps many customers identify tax credits in Ontario. There are several tax credits that are offered ...
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Our professionals have experience with many industries including professional practices (accounting practices, law practices, medical practices), manufacturers,...
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If you are a providing professional services you should be aware that you may be entitled to establish a professional corporation. There are many benefits to incorporating ..

Best Accountant in Toronto and Mississauga

accountant toronto and mississauga

Welcome to SRJ Chartered Accountants Professional Corporation, the accountant in Toronto turns to for expert advice in all areas of taxation, accounting, and business advisory services. SRJCA is pleased to offer clients a broad range of services, assisting them with every financial aspect of their lives and their businesses.

  • As one of the leading accounting firms in Toronto, SRJCA provides a number of important services to clients, from tax return preparation to business valuations and other specialized types of assistance
  • SRJCA is the accountant in Mississauga turns to for help with the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program (SR&ED), helping companies obtain the research and development tax credit where appropriate.
  • Learn more about tax services in Toronto and how SRJCA can help, as well as some of the firm's background and areas of specialty.
  • This tax and accounting blog contains valuable information for individuals and businesses wanting to learn more about various tax topics, accounting information, and subjects important to business owners.
  • Many clients find these tax and accounting resources helpful when looking for more information about things like tax savings plans, labour and employment, and other economic information.

Chartered Accountants provide a wide range of services to the general public. As a public practice firm, SRJCA is well equipped to provide Full Cycle Accounting to each client. This means that the firm supports and assists clients with developing and achieving their financial objectives.

SRJCA takes a holistic approach to all clients, helping them fulfill each financial need. On the personal side, the firm can help individuals prepare their personal tax returns, maximizing their chance at receiving all of the tax credits to which they are entitled. SRJCA also advises individual clients on their estate planning needs, ensuring they pass a lasting legacy to their heirs and beneficiaries.

For business clients, SRJCA can help along each step of the way, from start-ups and incorporation, to keeping a business running and helping it become profitable. SRJCA can even help with valuing and selling a business, or winding down operations and managing dissolutions. As an accountant in Toronto, respects for the firm's particular expertise in this area, SRJCA takes an active approach with its business clients and uses its extensive experience to provide comprehensive business tax and advisory services.

Many businesses require assistance with their day-to-day financial operations. Bookkeeping services are an important part of maintaining a healthy business, and can provide keen insights into how a business is doing. SRJCA helps businesses with their regular bookkeeping, preventing them from suffering cash flow problems and helping them be better prepared at tax time.

Sometimes, business clients also need help attracting investors or obtaining credit. Having comprehensive but easy-to-understand financial statements is a necessity for providing accurate data so that investors and lenders can make the right decision about a company. These financial statements also help business owners and prospective buyers understand much of what they need to know for important determinations, or to evaluate and minimize tax liabilities.

Whatever the financial need, SRJCA stands ready to help, so that clients can get back to doing what they do best - running their businesses!

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